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Thread: (seemingly) Annual January thaw

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    Default (seemingly) Annual January thaw

    Got out last Saturday (Jan 4th) with my brother for a great, long, all day ride throughout Waukesha, Racine and Walworth Counites. Decent traffic all day, and lots of sleds at trail stops – it was great to see! Given that this is So WI, (and not our usual Oconto/Marinette/Forest Co stopming grounds) I honestly couldn’t believe how good the conditions actually were! The snow we got over New Years’s was much deeper and denser than I’d previously thought when clearing my driveway. Overall coverage was great, farm fields were vastly improved from what they were at Christmas, and there were lots of surprisingly deep (and fun) drifts on much of the system… Then, in seemingly typical fashion, mother nature kills us with warm temps and rain… (just imagine what that ½” to 1” of rain on Friday would have been had the temps stayed in the 20’s!)

    My question is this (and I am simply being conversational)… Does anyone have any idea how devastating this warm up actually was to the local trails? Will it be starting over from scratch, or was most/any of the base preserved? If so, does anyone have a guess as to how much snow it will take to get folks back out? (My guess is that the 2-4” we might get tonight/tomorrow will NOT do it, though some forecasts are showing more at the end of the week.) I’ve never done this much local riding before (my local mileage is already in the hundreds this year!), and I have to say, I’ve really been enjoying it – particularly because of the convenience of being close to home! Big thanks to all the local clubs for your marking, grooming and overall advocacy efforts!

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    I can tell you tell trails in the northern zone are basically starting from new. One good thing is that the ground is still frozen rock hard. All trails in farm fields had the snow blown off them and are now down to dirt and corn stalks. Hopefully we will get enough tomorow and Thursday that they will open the trails again.

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