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To reopen the trails we would have to contact several different land owners to open their gates. These are not farm gates but gates which are meant to keep vehicles outs. The US Forest Service, 2 different Connor families, Plum Cr, RMK, Cleermans, Forest CO. Forestry Alterton Farms, etc. Some of these land owners have several gates scattered out throughout Forest Co. Just count the gates on the NST alone. They would be reluctant to reopen their property right after locking their gates. They do not give us keys to their gates, just like you don't give us keys to your house. After we are sure all gates are open, then we could send our groomers out. All clubs in the county would have to be in sync to get all gates open and all trails groomed for a one weekend event. But the trails in Forest Co. couldn't still be officially opened until there is a notice published in the local paper and the local paper only comes out once a week! These are a few of the reasons it takes us a while to open trails in the fall. Also, these are some of the reason, we don't like to close our trails mid-season if there is a melt. It is too hard to reopen them quickly. If it were only as simple as grooming the fresh snow and letting you go at it.
The aforementioned Trail Opening Requirements may be applied any time the trails are opened/closed.