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Thread: Townsend to Michigan

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    Default Townsend to Michigan

    Can anybody tell me if we can ride from Townsend to Michigan following the railroad grade (NST trails) pretty much straight north over to Iron River and west to Watersmeet / Bergland area. We are backpacking. Prefer not to trailer to Michigan. Sleds are garaged in Townsend. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Default Michigan

    As long as you can get to Forest County, Oconto is still closed. The NST is holding up very well with the cold temps so this ride should be possible. Sunday its supposed to warm up so the condition of the NST could drastically change. I just want to add that if you are looking for mid season perfect conditions, stay home, trails are still in EARLY season. The Iron River, Bruce Crossing area have about the same amount of snow as Forest County.

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    It looked like the trail was open to the Valley Inn north of Townsend.I can't see a problem with riding right from Townsend though. It's right on the NST and has as much snow as anyone.

    Rule always was frozen ground and 4" of snow = good to go

    Keep an eye on your bides and slides if you go.

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    Good to know. Actually heading to Watersmeet to ride north for a couple days. Was mainly worried about grade to Valley Inn. We know we will be riding early season conditions at least till we get way north in lake effect snow belt area. I'm sure there are rocks showing here and there a lot of the way. Just don't want to ruin our sleds 2018 Renegade X 850's and one 2016 Renegade 800. Trying not to trailer up our 1st trip of the season.

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    Just saw Red Arrow is opening trails 1-4-2018 at 8am. Perfect timing. Riding out of Townsend on the 5th.

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    Ralphie has it right. Trails from Townsend to Bruce Crossing will all be about the same, hardpack and fast. Rode weekend of 12/23-24 in Florence County on NST and on Michigan trail 2 east and west. Son rode NST again last weekend north and stated was same as prior weekend, so good luck and report back. 5 miles north of Bruce Crossing is where you will hit the good snow and good trails!

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    I will try to report back next Tuesday on here.

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    Default Decent weekend

    Trip was smooth nearly everywhere. RR grades show some stones and rocks but have ridden on way worse. Plenty of lubrication, carbides took a beating but need to keep those guys in business also. 7.5" shaper bars. Just hope snow falls more with next system. going riding every other weekend from now til spring thaw. Hopefully at least mid March for once. I've been riding every year around and out of Townsend since 1974. So know how it can be. Ride when you can.

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