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Thread: Throw on a pot of coffee

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    You know it surprises me these days how hard it is to get a cup of coffee when I'm out riding. I have stopped at many bars along the 100 Mile Snow Safari route and most do not offer coffee. Now I like a beer or two, but lately try to stay away from drinking on the sled anymore. Soda doesn't do much for me unless it has whiskey in it, and I hate to just order an ice water, especially when temps are barely above 0. So maybe do me, and I'm sure a few others, a favor and throw on a pot of coffee.

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    I never really thought about it due to only having coffee first thing in the AM, but we do have hot chocolate when it is really cold on the trails and most bars will have that for us.
    I think one of those Kuerig coffee makers would be perfect for a bar that doesn't normally have coffee.

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